SEVABHARATHI is a movement for Service. The basic inspiration is derived from the significant saying of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa 'Shiva Bhave Jiva Seva', which inspired Swami Vivekananda to proclaim, "Serve man as the manifestation of God".

With this fundamental principle of Service in view, Sevabharathi strives to see that every person who is served, raises himself up to stand on his own legs with self esteem shedding his inferiority complex.All Service rendered through Sevabharathi is ultimately aimed at not only eradicating the physical and other deprivations, but also at instilling in every person a sense of Self respect, Self confidence and Self reliance. 

This paves the way to establish a Modern, Progressive, Egalitarian Society where every person would feel happy and equal in all respects as a member of one national family, contributing his or her own share for the all-round development of our Motherland.

SEVABHARATHI TAMILNADU was formally registered in 1999 as a socio-cultural organisation.

Through the concept of "PANCHA KAARYA" or the five avenues of empowerment namely EDUCATION, HEALTH, SOCIAL WELFARE, SELF-SUSTENANCE and DISASTER RESPONSE, Sevabharathi Tamilnadu has been rendering extensive service amongst the lesser privileged, thus ensuring that the burden of poverty does not divert them from the fabric of our tradition.

To ensure self-sustenance of our deprived brethren, various projects are being taken up by Sevabharathi Tamilnadu, integrating the weaker economic sections of our people with the mainstream society. Our expanding network of seva projects which are to be nurtured and funded, currently stands at 1207 projects and compromises primary health centres, blood banks, orphanages, self-help group projects, small savings programmes, skills training centres, Yoga and cultural centres, etc.

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