Women play a vital role in the economic well-being of the family and the society. To fully empower them for such a role, Sevabharathi Tamilnadu sponsors self-help groups for women. It is a unique initiative driven by a vision that extends beyond economic welfare.

This enables the women and their families to escape from the clutches of poverty and makes them financially self-supporting. That done, Sevabharathi proceeds to expand the groups outlook from self-sufficiency to proactive contribution first to the needy members of their own group and then to society at large. Simultaneously, the women are given measured doses of training to increase their communication abilities, leadership qualities, etc. and provided systematic exposure to local, national and international issues. All this makes them well-informed and confident individuals.

Inhering the entire programme is the inculcation of cultural values in these women, who actually shape the character of the family and thereby the society. Sevabharathi also places emphasis on breaking the unhealthy barriers in the society like untouchability and works towards social integration through the self-help group activities. With such holistic care and guidance, the self-help groups of Sevabharathi turn out to be banyan trees, starting or supporting other self-help groups, free tuition centres, samskar kendras, etc., thus contributing to the society in various ways.