samskarThe children of today will be the rulers of tomorrow and they need to be equipped for that. Sevabharathi Tamilnadu feels it essential to impart moral education to the younger generation based on our traditional values.  It runs Samskar Kendras for boys and girls, to inculcate cultural values in them and infuse a sense of pride in our rich heritage at a tender age. This helps the children to grow up as righteous human beings and patriotic citizens.

Good habits relating to personal hygiene, tidiness, etc. are also taught in these classes.   The effect of the Samskar Kendra classes has been heart-warming. The exemplary behaviour of these children has won the appreciation of parents and school teachers alike. In fact, several parents have stopped consuming liquor seeing the positive behavioural pattern of their children who have been moulded by the Samskar Kendras.

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