tutioncentersmallSevabharathi Tamilnadu conducts free tuition centres in backward areas and slums catering to the needs of students from backward, most backward and economically weaker sections. On an average, there is one volunteer-teacher for every 35 students. The teachers develop personal rapport with the students by spending quality time with them. This helps the teachers to understand the students’ weaknesses and requirements well, and make them improve in their studies.

The teachers also strive to make school dropouts continue their studies. For two hours every week, the students take a break from their textbooks and have an enjoyable session of songs, prayers and games through which they get introduced to our culture. In keeping with our traditional practice, every year on Guru-Purnima Day, the tuition centre students bring flowers and offer them at the feet of their teacher as a mark of their respect and gratitude. Thus the students learn not just their school lessons, but also the important aspects of our culture.

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