The tsunami that hit our eastern coast on December 26, 2004 caused extensive damage in many parts of coastal Tamilnadu. The districts of Chennai, Cuddalore and Kanyakumari suffered major damages while Nagapattinam was the worst affected. Tremors were initially felt around 6.30 in the morning. Around 8.45 a.m., the sea water rose to a height of 10 metres and rushed inland with tremendous speed, engulfing everything huts, houses, people who lived in the coastal areas, those who were taking their morning walk along the coastal road and children playing near the sea. Thousands died and lakhs were affected. We present below, the impact of the tsunami and the role played by Sevabharathi Tamilnadu in rescue, relief and rehabilitation of the affected people.



  • 385 hamlets affected
  • 9,39,046 people displaced
  • 1,27, 541 houses damaged
  • 8,574 persons dead




  • 1,26,626 hectares of agricultural land damaged
  • 25,29,223 farmers affected
  • Land and ground-water rendered saline in several villages by stagnating sea-water
  • Boats and fishing nets worth crores of rupees damaged

* As per Government of Tamilnadu statistics

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