Living a frugal life, well within one’s means, is a salient feature of our national culture. Consumerism and life-long debts are quite alien to our way of thinking. We have always believed in spending carefully and saving regularly. In order to inculcate the habit of saving in our children, Sevabharathi Tamilnadu promotes Children’s Small-savings Centres. Every centre has about 30 children coming together once a week. Each child is issued a Savings Card (‘Passbook’) and encouraged to ‘deposit’ a small amount every week. The money that a child ‘deposits’ is recorded in his or her personal ‘passbook’. The amount saved by each child is periodically returned in cash or kind as desired by the child. This clearly shows the children how regular savings, though small, can add up to a sizeable value. Appreciating the worth of Sevabharathi’s initiative, many parents have started giving their children some pocket money just to encourage them to save more!

A variety of cultural activities like learning songs, stories and slokas, and a good amount of games add further value to the weekly meetings. These centres are proving to be very popular among children and parents alike.