Sevabharathi Tamilnadu provides shelter and care for needy children. These centres are called as Anbu Illams Abodes of Love and not as orphanages. Any visitor would be astonished to find that an Anbu Illam is only a big family and not a hostel or an orphanage. This is the unique approach of Sevabharathi towards homeless children.

At present, Sevabharathi runs three Anbu Illams for girls and one for boys. They are conveniently located near public schools, where the children are enrolled by Sevabharathi. Resident care-takers ensure that they do well in their studies A well-balanced routine that includes games and prayers is strictly followed. The children grow in a positive atmosphere, quite similar to that in a normal household. After their basic education is completed, depending on each persons inclination, Sevabharathi Tamilnadu sends them for higher studies, or helps them secure a proper employment, or gets them married suitably. As with any household, care is taken to see that everyone is settled properly in life.